What does Le(a)d to Love mean?

Led to Love

God gave me the name in 2010. I had a vision of the logo but no idea what it would be. I am still learning what Le(a)d could be. God has led me to love myself, family friends, and others. When I say love, I mean a 1Corinthians 13:1 love and it has been a journey.

On my self-discovery journey I’ve uncovered the gifts God gave me. I am thorough, driven, calculated, goal-oriented, and direct. Some of my skills and talents include financial planning, resource linkage, and advocacy.

Lead to Love

Lead /lēd/ when used as a verb is defined as:

1. cause (a person or animal) to go with one by holding them by the hand, a halter, a rope, etc. while moving forward.

2. be a route or means of access to a particular place or in a particular direction.

Lead, when used a noun is defined as the initiative in an action; an example for others to follow.


Lead /led/ an item or implement made of lead.

This is depicted in the logo by the pencil. You’ll notice the “to” in the logo is written in trace lettering. That signifies the plan is already written, the next step is for you to follow it. Following the plan leads to a greater love for yourself and your finances.

The correct pronunciation of Le(a)d to Love is Led to Love.

Will you allow me to lead you to love?

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