What’s behind the success?

Me: Stress is that you?

Stress: Yeah, that’s me!

Last week was rough and tough with its afro puffs. On a scale of 1 - 10, my stress was a 27 but God seen me through it! As an act of faith of what’s to come I starting packing by belongings. I am still finding it hard to fathom what God is about to do because I am not aware of the full plan but if anyone can do it, He can.

Before I first moved into the home I am currently in I knew I wanted a wall of photos of family and friends. I already had frames and accumulated additional frames and plaques. I laid out how I wanted everything to hang. I thought the design over and picked photos carefully. It was so serious I measured the distance from the ceiling and the top of each item and the distance between each item to ensure symmetry. My vision for my wall was so intense it felt overwhelming so it took at least a week for me to hang everything. I had to make some changes to the design due to the length and width of some items. I recall my friend coming to my home and complimenting how neat my wall looked on two occasions. She inquired whether I eyed the measurements or used tools. I told her I measured everything.

I intended for my photos to be one of the last things I pack, however, after packing my clothes, shoes, crafts, and some bathroom items, I figured I might as well take them down. As I began to take my photos from the wall I saw the holes and pencil lines. I was reminded how many mistakes I made, even with a laser leveler. It took three tries to get the placement right for one plaque. The photos and plaques hid the imperfections. They tell a story of having a vision, planning, and persevering regardless of how long it took to make it happen.

The next goal I am striving for has caused an intense amount of familiar anxiety. Granted hanging photos on the wall did not make me anxious, the expectations I had made it difficult. Taking the photos down reminded me of the struggles I overcame. No matter how many mistakes, frustrations, detours, stay the course. Taking a break is perfectly fine, replenish your energy and get back in the race.

You never know how much it costs someone to achieve their goal(s), whether it be time, money, peace, and/or experiences. Not everyone who sees what you accomplished or possess will have something positive to say. Do not be afraid to tell them to keep their unsolicited opinion to their self.

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